Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jan 29th & 30th ( Black Hair Salon, Hong Yuan Prawn Noodle, SaladStop!, High Society)

 My hair was getting longer and I hated it.
I'm all about short hair now.

Long hair also means more chance for Merv to accidentally kiap my hair with his armpit.


 She was tryna give Raymond a relaxing hair wash..
haha he is my hair stylist here in case you don't know.
He was so busy that he had dye on his hair while he was cutting my hair lol.
CNY period they were fully booked!

 Hhaha they're really meant for each other omg.

 Her hair colour is so nice!!!! 
Brown and purple.

 HAHAHHA they were closing.
I think jimmy also dyed his hair.
They were all getting ready for CNY.

 Hehe cutie Cat :3

 And cutie Nicky :3

And that's Frankie!

 Hehhhehehehehe :*

 Catttttttt. :)

 If you don't have a hair stylist,
go try Black Hair Salon and book an appointment with Raymond.
I grew to trust him with my hair.
He never fails me. NEVER.

The Bencoolen,
180 Bencoolen Street, #01-28
Singapore 189646
Tel: 6242 3945 / 6835 9976

Look at those wittle fingers. ~(*^*)~

 Cabbing to work cos always wake up late...

 Loving this new polish Eli got for me for christmas :)

We were waiting for the rest so that we could go to Hong Yuan Prawn Noodles for lunch!!!

 So cute! Designed by Wendy.
I didn't see this the first time I was there.
It's such a creative way to know the price.

 Sorry for the bad photo.
I was doing a quick one.
Wendy's bowl was different.
It's sambal prawns dry noodles.
Abit oily but I wouldn't complain cos I really loved it.
I don't think it's up on the menu yet, but if you're there maybe you can request!

My $5 bowl.
2 Prawnies, 2 pork ribs.
I havent stirred yet.
All the sambal goodness was underneath..
And i love the soup so much.
I wanna go back there again.
A pity they don't open on weekends and they close at 3pm (T_T)
Hopefully they franchise it out cos this is mainly for people working in the CBD area.

Hong Yuan Prawn Noodle
Best Way building,
12 Prince Edward Road

 Hehe my sis was having lunch with Han Ping there too!

I love her sooooo much.

Ya he looks like he's gonna eat ur share right.
But he really is one of the nicest guys I know.
So different from his appearance.

Cutie Wendyyyyy.
I sit opposite her in the office and i would laugh everytime she sneeze or when she subconsciously makes a funny expression.
Her face is damn cuteeee.

Great World's SaladStop! for dinner with Jewel and Pat.
They love the chilli crab dressing, but my palette thinks it tastes funny.
Oh and I have 3 extra bread sticks cos they didn't want.

 High Society for tea and cakes.
The cakes were gg at buy 2 get 1 free mahahhaha.

 I had mint tea because it's good for ur digestion.

 We were at Great World's High Society by the way!


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