Thursday, March 26, 2015

23-25 February~ (Yong Kee Seafood Restaurant)

Imperial Treasure pizza bread is so shiokkkkkk.
Their overflowing cheese is so yummy I just want to pluck out the cheese from all of their bread and keep in my bag HAHA.

Dinner was at:

Yong Kee Seafood Restaurant
Shing Boon Hwa Food Centre, 43 Jalan Besar.
Near Sim Lim Square

It's always fun hanging around my little cousins.
They're funny, I'm funny.
Together we're a blast. HAHAHA.
Btw she's so small, she could fit in the baby's chair.
Jojo was helping her get in lol.

My mom and aunt suggested to bring our taiwanese relatives (my uncle and his wife) to have burnt beehoon. SUPER SHIOK.
Anyways sorry to see him with closed eyes lol. 
I only have this picture of them :(

I asked my mom what's her reason of posing with the phone.
She said there was none..


Erm I think I ate crabs with those fingers after that.
I forgot..

Their fav drink.
Mixing kick-a-poo and a sports drink.


She's so cutie.

Yong Kee's famous for their chao tah bee hoon / burnt bee hoon.
This was super shiok.
And it goes well with their chilli.


Black pepper crab was shiok.

Yummy mee sua.
Wahh love this with the chilli.

Chilli crab was so-so.

Fried Mantous yummmm.

Yeah this is the chilli I'm talking about.
Shiok to the max.

Thai chicken.
Didn't quite like this.

The kids' favourite.
Fried salad prawn.


hahahha he was mimicking one of his friends. lol.

Again, he wanted some affection so he kept pawing my hand to get up my lap!
It freaking hurts when he paws me lol but too cute la.
How to resist.
He could hardly fit though.......

My cutie Fries :)

What u want.

Cutie but crazy.

My aunt made coleslaw, pickled cucumber and battered fish!
So good! I've always loved her cooking.


Eyeing on her sisters.

Wanting to go out.

At my aunt's.
She was babysitting him for a day. lol.

Went over to my aunt's for dinner again.
Her helper made some fried noodles.
Not as tasty as usual.

OH YEAHHH she made baked pork chop.

Below is the fried version which was yummier.

Lol Max made a new friend.
A pug named PUGGY HAHAA.

I was gg to throw away this undie I got from Taiwan.
I never wear before la only tried too small.
Looks better on him anyway hahaha.

Chef Max.

Sleepy time with him.
So cutie.

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