Friday, March 27, 2015

Feb 26 (Tung Lok Xihe Peking Duck and some of my lippie collection)

Waking up to a fatty baby.


Tung Lok Xihe Peking Duck
Orchard Central, 07-07/08/09

Behind is a sotong looking Ashley.


Our other tables.

Fish maw soup.
I lub.

Cereal prawns.
The cereal wasn't as fragrant but it wasn't bad.
I still ate quite alot of this hahaha.

Check out the condiments wtf.
W T F.

HAHAH Elizabeth looks like waitress that day.
I don't think I have ever seen her wearing a same outfit before.

When Wendy was still with us :(
Beside her are Senget and Kenneth.
The two fatty boys.

Oh yeahhhh.

Smoked oyster with spinach.
Btw their service abit fail.
They kept counting wrongly and missed out on one serving.

Da lou hei had fried fish skin.
Sorry this pic was supposed to be at the top of post.

Salted egg yolk fish skin.
This was freaking greasy and salty until I couldn't taste the salted egg yolk which I so love.....
I prefer the original as it is.

Fried fishies.

Glutinous rice.

Yummy dessert.

Omg I ate so much during lunch and thought I should skip dinner but I had aunt's food for dinner lol.

Omelette, fried tempura from Taiwan and her homemade fried prawn cakes.
So juicy too!

Her miso mushroom and egg tofu soup.

And garlic rice.
So goooood.


Outfit of the day for tmw.

I show u my lippies collection k!

From left to right:
1) Face Shop's Milky Tint collection in orange. I love this colour! It doesn't stay for long and esp after meals but it's fine! It isn't bitter and smells quite nice.

2) Etude House's Kissful Lip in a peachy nude colour. I use it very often now. It doesn't really leave any colour on your lips but it's moisturizing and I like it cos their packaging is cute! I am a huge fan of Etude House by the way.

3) Etude House's Fresh Cherry Tint lip tint in hot pink. I love the colour. It's not harsh and leaves a nice sweet looking pink to my lips. It was a gift from a friend! Oh and it also smells amazing and doesn't leave a bitter after taste.

4) LAQA & COCO's Lil Lip in Pinkman. I actually got this from Luxola. It comes in a set (hotpink and red) and it was cheap. If u want, I dug out the link: Click here.

5) 3CE lip tint. I finished the pink tint and I'm left with the orange. I prefer the pink colour!

6) I can't rmb the brand of this but Bell got this for me from Korea. Love the colour. The only thing I didn't like was that it left a bitter taste.

7) 3CE matte red lip gloss. Super red and sexy. Love it but i only dare to put it on when Merv is around lol.

Awww cutie wants attention again. hehehehe.

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