Monday, April 13, 2015

Mar 15 & 16 (Beo Crescent Curry Rice, Platypus Gourmet2Go Food bars, Ayam Penyet @NUH Kopitiam Kent Ridge Wing)

Beo Crescent No Name Curry rice for breakfast!
LOL Is it really called No name curry rice?!
I googled it cos I wanted to find the name and it gave me this.
Anyway the address:

40 Beo Crescent
Singapore 160040

Cutie stuffed hamster.

It was a sleepy day..

Lol Yvonne from DogTor Lim sent this while grooming Max!
He looks so happy lol.

AHHA She put him in coloured socks.

Home made Nana Nice cream. Woooooots.

Platypus Lobster Shack
China Square Central 
3 Pickering Street #01-31
Nankin Row Singapore 048660

Small Food Box: $6.90
Med Food Box: $8.90
Large Food Box: $10.90

I got the medium one.
It's pretty cool!
I love their spread.
Chose salmon, smoked duck, mashed potato salad and greens and sweet corn were added.

With Bryan.
So nice to catch up with him!

Red velvet TimTam.

Cutie Tyler.

Why does he look so cheeky here lol.



Heheheh cute little face.

Dinner with Merv at NUH.
Got this korean meat dish..
Not nice...

The ayam penyet there rocks!!
I'd go there again.

Ayam Penyet @ National University Hospital -Kent Ridge Wing

Not Quite sure if I got the address right.
I got it off Keropokman while googling for the name of the stall.
I linked his website to his name so u can click and check it out!

I think this ball of potato was $2.50??

Was wondering why it was so huge..
Turns out there was a hardboil egg inside 

Merv: He has a bag for his knee..
LOL wtf..

Max ready for bed. :3

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