Monday, April 13, 2015

Mar 13th & 14th (Home cooked healthy and the not so healthy meals lol)

LOL. Wait for it. Gonna zoom in.

LOL. Why on earth was he in this position LOL. 
And Max was eyeing on him.

Wearing my green crop long sleeved knit top from!
There's actually padding at the shoulders but I'm not used it so I cut it off.
I love this olive colour tho.

LOL. Crude.


Bb came to find me after work.
We were at Vivo City.
Got daboki from some random korean stall cos hungry.

And the sucky chicken stick from the same stall.
Was getting groceries from Giant by the way!

Whipped up a healthy meal for the both of us.

This face mask has glitter on it.
Lol. I got it from Qoo10.
I am allergic to it.
Bloody hell.
Up till now my pores are still enlarged by it.

Next morning.
Bb made salmon in lemon cream sauce.
Lol it looks abit weird.
Tastes alright but we bought the frozen ones so it doesn't taste as good as it should have.

Cauli rice.

Mommy's plate.
Cauli fried rice, sunny side up, curried chicken.

Bb's bento to bring to the gym.
He didn't bring in the end.
Decided to come home then eat.

Got this dress from ASOS!
Thanks Jona for the birthday voucher hehe.


Vivo city's Pets Safari!
I want a long coat one.
But shop don't adopt right... :'(
Sigh hopefully by the time we want to get one there is a chihuahua up for adoption.

To Jewel's place for dinner!
Hehe Jaryl is so cutieeee!!!

Jewel's home cooked meal.

Jappo curry.

Cutie Jareth playing with his toys and refusing to play with me :(

Creamy Omelette.

Over rice.


Thanks for the meal, Jewel!

Soup cooked by her mom.
Damn shiok.

Baked mini popiahs.

Pat's irritating face haha.

She brought Lord Stow Bakery's egg tarts from Macau!

Lol siao char bor.

Cutie :3

Hehe my bb peeling mandarin oranges for me.

Pat is a buddha.

Melts my heart when I see him interacting with kids.
Lol but just the other day he was telling me he misses my little nephew, Chace.
I asked, "Don't you wish he was your son?"
He said, "No.... I just want to be his friend. Son must feed eh."

LOL what kind of answer is that....

Jewel bought tiramisu from Da Paolo gastronomia.
It is both Merv and Jewel's fav tiramisu.
Hehe thanks Jewel for feeding us well!

And she got us to try this black truffle potato chips from Torres.
You can get it from Cold storage or Dempsey's Culina.
Usually it solds out fast in Cold Storage.
Anyway, this is pretty good, but too greasy for my liking.

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