Thursday, April 09, 2015

Mar 12 (Black hair salon)

Waking up to a popiah.

Hehe cutie pie.

Thanks Raymond and Frankie!
Raymond is my personal hairstylist.
Though I am sponsored for all hair treatments,
I would like to genuinely tell you that I have never been disappointed with what he has done for my hair.
When I went for bleaching that day, 
he advised me not to go too light as it will really damage my hair.
I listened after awhile.
He also promised that he would do his best and suggested a safer colour for me.


I was getting really bored of my before look.
If you've followed me long enough,
you know I'm constantly changing my hairstyles.
I hate change, but the only thing I wouldn't mind is my hair.

Bleached it twice!

It's a shocking GOLD wtf.
Haha Jimmy laughing.

In comes the beautiful Maybeline.
Poor girl had her wisdom teeth removed and she could barely eat anything!!!!
She's also one of the sponsored girls.
Not close to her, but she is very easy to like!

Cat :)
I love her smile.
I love it when she's happy.
It's very infectious.

Nicky is hilarious.
Everything that comes out from his mouth makes me burst into laughter.
He has no limits lol.

Raymond had to leave early so the rest helped me!
They did a wonderful job so thank you :)

They gave me a sample sized shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair and a tube of NP3 leave on conditioner!
If you're considering to bleach your hair I suggest you buy their NP3 leave on cos it really is good! 
I apply it then blow dry my hair every night.

This is the NP3 treatment tube!

Anyway, heads up to those who are interested in pampering their hair in the month of April!
They're currently having this promo:
-Hair Treatment

For only $209-309

Scroll to the end of post to see address and tel no.!

Nicky said he's going to show this to his mother and tell her I'm his gf.

Cat and Anthony.
Anthony is like an old man lol.
And he gets teased often because he's very naggy but this man has no temper!
He would laugh it off.
Such a good spirit, really.


Merv came home with me and he noticed a little girl jumping here and there while we were on our way home LOL.

Yup, my cousins leave like 4 mins walk away from me!
They were opening the letter box lol.

When asked why she was jumping about she said,
"Trying to kill ants."

Jojo and Yoyo.
Love them so much.

Dinner with bb at the coffee shop.
My fav ban mian which I am quite sick of now cos I eat it too often.
Their tom yum ban mian is also nice!
Haven't tried the dry version yet.
It's at Telok Blangah Mall.

Took this pic cos we were coincidentally wearing the same combi.
Grey T-shirt and denim shorts!
Max so kpo.
He was smelling me cos I just came back.

BlackHair April Promo:
-Hair Treatment

For only $209-309

180 Bencoolen Street, #01-28
Singapore 189646
Make an appointment: 6242 3945 / 6835 9976
Stylist: Raymond 

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