Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Mar 11 (Marche + Wendy's Farewell at Five Tapas bar)

Lunch with team at Marche.
Had the set lunch.
It's been so long since I had rosti!
Love the sour cream.

And a yummy drink from the set.
Forgot what I got.
There were a few interesting flavours to choose from.

Most of them had the breaded pork chop with potato salad.
They didn't like it.

HAHA Wendy hated it.

Kenneth, Kenny, Angie.

Wendy's farewell at Cuppage's Five Tapas bar.
Luncheon chips.
Can't take more than three of it.
Throat pain.

Oops i forgot what balls dish was this.

Haha Angie the hot mama who's abit of a gangster.
Better not mess with her or you in deep shit, bruh.

I didn't know gin goes so well with cucumber.
I had a few glasses.

The wagyu beef omg.

Marketing team :)

Merchant team!


Pork belly yummmm.

Some salmon with bad plating.


Kenny, Maybelline, cliff

Shannon, Sumiran

Just had to.

Wendy :)
Love love her.
She is adorable.

Eli and Jasmine!

Kenny, Adeline (she has Fann Wong's skin and her nails and dressing is always damn cool), Jasmine, Me Lin.

I can be a bro too ok.
Ashley, Kenneth, Kenny, Charles, Gabriel.

Gosh.. we look stupid.

Senget the cutie!!!!
He's like a big fat bear LOL.


I went back quite early.
Had a terrible headache and it became worse in the middle of the night.
It woke me up and I had to throw up.
Thankfully I had Max by my side.
At least seeing his cutie face makes up for every bad feeling.
Had to down bottles of water and panadols.
Siao. Luckily I was on leave the next day.

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