Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Mar 8 - 10 (Random posts, mostly me attempting to be healthy lol)

Subway for dinner.
The grilled chicken is so tough...........

Avant Garde mah.

My no carbs on weekdays diet. LOL.
I always have different diets.
French beans, Broc, 
sauteed buttons and pan fried chicken marinated in honey mustard and other spices.
This was fried in cold press almond oil so I guess it's good for u right?

Cauli fried rice.
Means no rice.
Just... blended cauliflower to look like rice.
Ya I saw it on instagram so I had to check it out.
Merv loves it!

Oh cutie.

Kimchi + silky tofu, chicken fillet marinated in curry powder and other herbs and sauces then pan fried in cold pressed almond oil, tofu skin "noodles" with chopped buttons and broc then tossed in sesame oil.
The noodles not very nice cos it's quite tough and doesn't absorb much flavour..
Oh ya it's actually dry tofu skin.
It comes in a packet and so large like a freaking blanket (might have exaggerated) then I sliced them to look like noodles!
The chicken fillet were marinated overnight so it's very tender and delicoussss!!!!

Tried doing the nana nice cream LOL.
Frozen bananas blended with rice milk.
This was super yummy but mine kind of melted already.
Everything I know I learn from hashtags okay.
#healthyfood LOL.

Kitchen mirror selfies.
I am that boh liao.

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