Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mar 18 (Nam Nam Noodle Bar)

Lunch at staff canteen.
Nasi padang.

Prawn noodley.

My fried fish noodle soup with milk.

Chicken rice and kway chup.

Sucky daboki..

Dinner with Bell and Nam Nam Noodle bar again~~

Quang Style Egg Noodle

Both of us wanted the Dry Spicy Minced Meat Pork Balls noodle but it was sold out.
Gosh... I was looking forward to it.

So I had their Dry Stewed beef noodles.
Tasted like bolognese lol.
It was better after I added chilli sauce.

Mix mix mix.

My fav salad of crunchy pickled vegetables, fish cake, pork belly and peanuts!

Crispy fried banana sesame seeds dusted with icing sugar.
To be dipped in coconut sauce.

This was huge...
Almost broke wrist while holding it up with chopsticks.
Anyway, this wasn't very good.
I think the banana wasn't riped yet.
Bell said she has tried this before.
It used to be smaller and tastier.
We didn't finish it.

lol we got pulled into this soap shop....

Went to visit Bb's momma at NUH.

Not sure why we started taking so many pics lol.

SweetCheek's sexy back.

Bell gave me these face masks.
She is so lovely.
Felt so bad!
I told her to buy them for me since she was in korea but she insisted that she gave me these!

Cutie face. I love sleeping with Max hehehe.

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