Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mar 19 (Paris Baguette, Far East Plaza Cross Straits Fish noodles)

Hehe bb bought my fav choco, TWIX for me so I had it for breakfast.

Jewel's fruit juice.
The cup is so cute!

Pretty girl :)

Got this cheesy mushroom bread thingy.
Not bad!

Jewel's herbed chicken with sunny side up and potatoes.
This was yummy!

I got their thai salad.

Portion is pretty huge and it was only $8.90 I think!


LOVE LOVE. Wanna get it so cute!!

Then we went for some massage hehe.
Groupon deal!
So cheap!

Caffeine-free corn tea.

Cross Straits Fish noodles
Far East Plaza, #05-119.

Found another fav fish noodle place!

Ordered their fried fish thick beehoon with milk.


Langston's tom yum Ee-mian with fried fish.
Their tom yum soup is also not bad!

Jewel's tom yum sliced fish mee sua!

LOVE their thai tofu with sweet peanut sauce.

Fried wantons. This was ok for me but Jewel loved it!

I finished everything lol.

Langston is damn embarrasing.
He sneezed damn loudly at Tangs!!!
Every head turned and faced us omg.....

They went to queue for Llao llao.

My first time trying.
Not bad! But I wouldn't queue for it.

Pretty Sweet Cheeks :3

What u looking at?

Why u look at me.

Why u kiss me.

Why u so happy.
Max is cute huh.

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