Sunday, April 05, 2015

Mar 2-3 (Imperial Treasure Steamboat, The Cookie Museum,

Brought overnight oats to work the other day.
We have a fridge so I left it there!

Dinner time was a treat from my lovely sister at Imperial Treasure steamboat.
She asked me what i wanted.
I told her I want nothing but dinner would be nice.
HEHE. I love spending time with her.
I talk non stop like a train whenever I'm with her.

Btw, love the condiments!

Meat balls.
She had none cos she didn't like it.


Fried tofu skin rolls, chinese cabbage and straw mushroom.
What a stingy portion of mushroom.

We had their pork bone broth.
It was getting saltier till the end..

I preferred the pork!

And I love fried yam!

This sauce is their special house sauce.
It's yummy!
Sorry my vocabulary is obviously limited.
I either go yummy or it's damn good haha.

I love herrr ;*

Hehe our little cousin, Celine called out to us when we walked past her.
She's working at The cookie museum.
Lol reason why she posed like this was because,
"Wait! You're not allowed to take pictures."

Perks of her working there, we got to try their many different kinds of flavours there.
It's really cool.
They have nasi lemak and spicy prawn rolls (haebi hiam) flavours as well!
My sis and I love their Bandung or was it rose flavour.
So good.

You can check out their catalogue here:
It's quite pricey la but the packaging is so damn pretty and the cookies don't disappoint so I guess it's worth it.
Can get it if you're visiting people's house or sth.

 They take their packaging very seriously....

 Damn pretty.

 The paper bag also...
They really take pride in their brand.
I love it!

 Siao. Really.
So beautiful.

 So buttery and soft and fragrant!!
There were chewy rose bits.
So yummy!!

Their outlets are at:
Takashimaya, Raffles City and Marina Square.
They've got a tumblr lol.
I googled everything.
Their Tumblr (click)

Wah so emo.
Much alone. 
Selfie Queen.

BAHA where got alone.
I just never show u Max sniffing me like crazy only.


Tired is it.

Why u so happy.

Read news until u sleep?

I love Imperial Treasure Bakery pizza bread!
Or anything with cheese cos they really spam the cheese.


Steamboat dinner at my aunt's.
Fish maw soup.

Can I have a butt hole pls.

Throwback to when we were inseparable lol.

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