Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mar 21 (Sum Kee Food)

Sum Kee Food
2 Telok Blangah Street 31
Singapore 108942

We live around here so I frequent this place quite often.
Sweet and sour pork. Yummm.
This dish is a must order everytime we have Tze char.
The one here is pretty good!

Ultraman fried chicken hahahha.
It's salted egg yolk chicken.

Stir fried kailan in garlic.

Tofu and egg hotplate.
Love this dish.

Fried baby squid yumyum.
Haven't eaten this anywhere else for a long time.
Glad they have it in the menu.

My mommy's fav yam ring with veggies.
Yoyo likes to eat the fried beehoon around it lol.

Love her and her 1000 expressions.

Haha cos the tea is so hot.
It's in our blood that we appreciate chinese tea.

Hhaha she found my comb in my bag and started combing her eye brows.....

I got him this robot tee the last time I was at Bangkok.
Looks so cute.

We were at some telok blangah fair lol.....
I think it was for charity? I'm not sure.
Mark Lee was hosting.
It was also one of her friend's birthday and they were around so she got a cake.

Bought us some ice cream.
HAHA Jonas kept flashing his armpit cos I rolled on some perfume on the fabric near his arm pit and he loves the smell.

Let the smelling begin!

It was super hot so I bought us some drinks.

Bumped into her friend.
I think she adores Yoyo alot.
Couldn't keep her hands off her.

The popiahs sold at the fair was really good!
But so expensive.
$2 per roll.

Ahaha also bought us some lollipop with popping candy dip.

This was for the camera.

This was when she actually put the candy in her mouth lol.

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