Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mar 22 & 23 (Pontian fried wantons, Food Opera Beef noodles, Cornery popcorn, Coca Steamboat)

Suddenly bae disappears from you and you find him in the kitchen..

Merv: You said you wanted to eat this when I sent you a pic of it. So I cooked. *kisses me face*


With cheese.
Tomato egg. Love it.

At Far East Plaza's Pontian enjoying some fried wantons.

Wanted to have Far East Plaza's Cross Straits fried fish noodle soup but it was closed... :(
Not open on Sundays.. So sad.

We had Food Opera ION Orchard's dry beef noodles instead.
Not a bad thing! LOVEEE their beef noodles and soup!

Goes well with the chilli.

We watched Cinderella!! The movie was so good!!
And I kept crying!
HEHE. The actress playing as Cinderella is so pretty!

Anyway, we got two regular tubs of popcorn from Cornery!
IT'S DAMN CHEAP. I never knew!!!
Next time you all should buy their pop corn then go and watch haha.
We stood at the counter and tried almost all the flavours.
Got their savoury Sour Cream & Onion flavour.
This is my fav flavour!
And from the sweet section, we got their rainbow flavour.
Got grape soda, banana, bubblegum and green apple flavour inside.

I think we paid about $5 for these 2 tubs?!

Can get it from Ion level B4!!

At Rupini's~

Finally fish soup at Cross Straits!!!!

Cross Straits Fish Noodles
Far East Plaza, #05-119

I love their fried shrimp paste prawns!!!
I think they double fried it so it's extra crispy!!!

Haha he likes to debone the wings before eating them.

Merv's double fish soup with rice.

I had their fried tom yum noodles!

COCA Restaurant
Takashimaya, #04-22
Singapore 238872

You can tell that Yoyo was very hungry lol.

Garlic fried rice.

Tomyum and chicken broth.

If you come here you definitely have to order this!!!!

The remaining soup from the steamboat.
Shiokkkkk cos we ordered watercress to be added.

Happy birthday, Sis!!! 
Her actual birthday falls on the 22nd of March.
That's her fav chocolate guanaja cake from Rive Gauche Patisserie!
You can get it from Takashimaya basement 1!



They having tea at Robert Timms.

:) Merv and I.

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  1. Thank you for posting your review on Cornery in your blog. You are welcome to visit us again!