Wednesday, May 06, 2015

April 11 & 12 (Thai Express/ Kaffir & Lime, Cold Storage PIZZAAAA)

Merv's lovely ah kong bought breakfast.
Fried chicken cutlet + roasted pork belly with chicken rice.

Merv bought me this durian pancake to try.

At Kaffir & Lime / Thai Express.

Salted egg yolk squid.
How does this even taste like salted egg yolk!!!
I gave them chance.
Told the waitress that this doesn't taste like salted egg yolk at all and told her to let the chef taste it.
The waitress came back telling me the chef said the dish tasted like how it should taste...

But she was nice enough to let us change our order.

Doesn't even look anything like the picture..
It was a pale milky colour.

Merv's phad thai.
This was pretty good though!

Thai Fragrant sun-dried sliced beef.

Merv liked this alot but I don't cos it's too salty for me.
Personal preference~

Thai Sukiyaki dry noodles.
This was not bad but I rmb it tasting differently!
Maybe the one I tried previously is the soup one.

Mango sticky rice with coconut sauce.

Everything came out really quick though.
Really living up to the Express name.

Bumped into soon-to-be mother, Von. :* 
Cutie. :)

Bumped into Shane too!!

Thai Express gave us songkran guns ahahahhaha cos songkran festival was beginning.
So cute.
Merv and I kept chasing each other.
He was so sneaky!!!!
Filled the gun with water and sprayed at me!
Managed to grab it from him and filled another one.
So I chased him with it.
He was drenched and I laughed until stomach pain.

Next day.
We woke up too late and the duck rice that Merv's grandpa bought became dry..
We got bored of the taste after awhile so we added Doritos and popcorn in it hahahha.

Love uuuu :*

HAHA he didn't know I took pic of this.
He helped me to tie my shoe laces cos my hands were full :3

Pizza from Great World City's Cold storage.
We both agreed it is the best pizza we ever had.
This was 3.90 i think?
This was pepperoni flav.

It was so good that we had to buy two more.
If you buy 3 it's only $10!
This was some meat flav I forgot.

And the left is Hawaiian!


Lol he likes black frenchy/pugs.

I used to buy Haribo a lot when I was in secondary school lol.

Trying the new Samsung s6 front camera.
So clearrrrr. Can even see my pisai.

Idky but he looked depressed....

Cutie. Want to kiss him :3

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