Thursday, May 07, 2015

April 13 & 14 (Happy Harvester Sg, Eighteen Chefs, Beard papa, Good Food Heals)

HAHA candids are always the best.


Oh cutie, SweetCheeks :3

Roasted chicken salad with quinoa at Happy Harvester Sg!
Love that they always add different ingredients inside.
I've said before that you don't get to choose.
It's always a surprise everyday haha.
It's only $5.90 anyway.
So glad they sell it at my office canteen!!!

Merv sent me this when I was at work hehe.

Cutie Max.

Dinner with bb before he goes back to camp!

At Eighteen Chefs!

Chili cheese fries.
Not what I was expecting.
I thought it would come out like the Carls junior kind but it's nice!!

Merv's heart attack fried rice with 200 grams of New York Sirloin strips.


I had their special which is not found in the menu now.
Salted egg yolk pasta with prawns.
Sad to say, this did not win over my tastes buds but it wasn't that bad.
It's just that I wouldn't order this if it appears on the menu again.
It got better when I asked for extra curry leaves!

Mango ice cream.
Haha they thought we were students at first.
The staff was so nice though!
It was on the house for this scoop of mango ice cream with mango bits.
Usually restaurants will serve cheap ice cream..

I was craving for cinnamon rolls for a damn long time.
Merv bought this for me and it killed my craving instantly cos it isn't yummy at all lol.
Got the original flavour.

Yummy cream puffs from beard papa!! 
Got us one of this.

The choco fondant which I remember was so good!!!
The first and second time I bought this, they would heat it up for u!
I told the staff at Bugis outlet that I would like this to be heated up and he said no such service so of course I was really sad. 
I had to wait till I got home to eat this.
So anyway, I microwaved it for alittle too long and the fondant didn't flow out........
Tears on my face.

Hello naked boy

Haha Happy Harvester for lunch again.

Good food heals again with mah buds!
HEHE I withdrew enough money this time to try other stuff too.
Please remember to have cash with you as they do not accept cards!
This is their link (click)

Jars and jars of Cultured Superfoods.
Go to their website to read more about it!

Their probiotic beverages!

The bento in the middle is Jewel's!
She got their Frit (wo)man bento, $8.90.

Got the soup this time round!!
It's a Miso detox veggie soup, $3.90.
Very homey feels.
Love it!

I really enjoyed their Cultured pineapple Fizzy, $3.90.
It is naturally carbonated!

Had their Rainbow Detox, $8.90 this time round!

Camelia's Tokyo Teri, $9.90.
I had this with the tamago the last time and loved it!

Lol Jewel, why u slant until like that.

Camellia and Jewel.

Wtf why do I look like a husband beater here.
Miss Camel so much...
I can't even rmb when was the last time I saw her before this.
So glad that she is still the same bubbly girl that never fails to put a smile across my face.

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