Friday, May 08, 2015

April 15 & 16 (The Orange Lantern, Good Food Heals, The Soup Spoon, Meng Kee Seafood Fish Head Steamboat Restaurant)

 Had a Chicken balls & Cilantro banh mi from Orange Lantern for breakfast!
This was like $10 after GST.... (-__-)
It is not bad but the price abit turn off la....

The Orange Lantern
73 Killiney Rd

The chili that came with it was good!

Treated Le 2nd mommy to Good Food Heals because her body isn't doing too well.
I was obviously obsessed with this place....
Mommy Jess got the Tokyo Teri Tamago, $10,90.

Click link to see full menu (here)

And she also got a Miso Detox soup, $3.90.

This time round I tried their Mexi Loco, $9.90 which is good for the skin.
It was yummy and I love their Korean sesame dressing.

:) Thanks for always being kind and generous to me.

We also got their Pink Beet Oat Milk, $3.90!
I actually don't like beetroot but the taste is nice!!
This drink had a very mild sweetness to it but somehow it tasted good!

Good Food Heals
10 North Canal Rd,
Singapore 048823

Dinner with Bell at Plaza Singapura's Soupspoon.
She had their Tangy Tomato Basil soup. 
Forgot the price shall give you the calorie instead HA HA.
247 Calories.

She didn't finish it so I finished it for her lol.

I had their Tokyo Chicken Stew, 171 cal.
Wah I love this.
I almost ordered another bowl, but my fats stopped me.

I also love their Simon & Garfunkel Chicken & Mushroom Ragout, 303cal!!!

Mah beautiful girl :3

Went to Innisfree and went mad shopping.
LOL. She's damn weird.
I was like, "What the hell r u doing, Bell?"
She replied in konglish accent, 
"To see how the colour looks like on my nails."


Free because I paid $60 and above.
I will be doing a review on their masks JUST COS INNISFREE IS AWESOME.
I'm just telling u that I paid and it's not an advert hor.


Have you ever seen someone shade until the whole nose.
Like only leave one line in the middle of the nose for light to shine.
W T F hahaha I have seen it.
I didn't know how to react.

Skin was good because of face mask from Innisfree so.. SELFIES AWAY.
Anyway, camera 360 helps alot too.
Haha. My fav filter is Magic Skin > Deep.

Meng Kee Seafood Fish Head Steamboat Restaurant
121 Pasir Panjang Rd, #03/31

Tofu hotplate. Yum!

Wah their chili damn shiok!

Mediocre salted veggie soup.

Fried dou miao (pea shoots). Love it.

Salted egg yolk squid.
Not bad~

Sambal Stingray.
I've never eaten here before.
My family said that it was much tastier the previous times they had this.
Overall, I quite like their tze char!

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