Friday, May 08, 2015

InnisFree Face masks & Etude House Hair mask review

 I came across these capsule face masks online and went crazy researching their benefits.
They have like a dozen over types for specific skin problems.
I personally like the Bija ones cos they are for pimples!
I always get pimples on my chin area and it really helps la.

I've used all three already and it's not bad!
The rice one really smells like rice... want to eat..

The first time I went to Innisfree, I got these 3 to try.
The second time I went back, I bought like 5 more HAHA.
I really love it!!
One capsule is $3 or $4.

The one I applied here is the Biju & Tea Tree capsule pack.
Sorry, never spread evenly haha but good enough la.
One capsule lasts about 4-5 applications!
If your face got so big then maybe 3 times. BAHA.

"Trouble" actually means like acne or pimples.
HAHA. I was laughing and asking Bell why TROUBLE?!
She said nobody knows what is pimples or acne in korea so she felt very smart that she got to learn it in Singapore LEL.

Tried out their black head out balm, $8.
Bell said that after you massage it into your skin, it will sort of melt the blackheads.

Did it for Merv hehe.

Massage into pores for about 5 min before washing it off with facial foam.


It makes ur face super smooth and soft after.
Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask.
I think it is $22??

This is for oily skin. I think they have it for dry skin too!

I got this clay mask application tool at Innisfree.
It's only $2 so go get it.
I am super hooked on applying masks now also because it's fun to apply with this LOL.

Applied the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask on him.

10-15 Min........

He also wanna put mask.

So kpo but so cutie.

And I got this Jeju Volcanic Pore Essence!
Forgot the price. Probably $30.

Applying it for him here.
I like this product!
My face was smooth and not oily after application.

I also bought their Jeju Bija Anti-trouble spot essence.
It cleared a few of my pimples.
Not bad. And the other day Veron was just telling me she uses and likes this product so I guess I'm not biased since I'm a really huge fan of InnisFree now HEEEEE.

Sorry I forgot to take a pic of mine so I had to screen shot this one off the brand's website!

(Pic cred: Innisfree)
Tried this Silk Scarf Damage 2X Avocado Seed hair mask from Etude House.
It's pretty good!
The staff who introduced this to me also had blonde hair and she told me she uses this.

My hair was really smooth after this.
Worth a try!

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