Tuesday, June 16, 2015

16 - 18 May (Mommy Camellia's birthday at La Petite Cuisine, Five Viet Bistro Bar)

 Pork porridge that Merv's ah kong bought.
Yummyyyyyy but I've been turning away from meat these days..
It's so weird.
I love meat!! But now, the taste is abit unbearable.
I'd give Merv my share if I couldn't take it.

 Yayyyy Merv cracked an egg each in our bowl and microwaved.
So much better.
Added some fried dough fritters to soak up the porge.

 HAHA added some Roller Coasters in mine.


 Both of us treated Merv's mommy to La Petite Cuisine!
Now earn money already can treat her.
We were celebrating her birthday :)
Onion soup.
It's alright only.

La Petite Cuisine
Serene Centre, Singapore 258748

 The potato and leek soup was abit bland and diluted.
Wish there was a stronger flavour to this.

 Bread rolls and butter :3

 Escargot with croissant and salad.
This was abit too salty, if not it would have been excellent :)

 Fillet of chicken with cepes and butter rice.
Merv had this.
Wished the meat was slightly browned to give a roasted aroma.
If u get what I mean?

 Duck confit was lovely.
Crispy skin and juicy meat.
I LOVEEEE their potato gratin.
Mommy had this.

Prawn and foie gras ravioli in light lemon créme.
This was so lovely.
Love the cream sauce. Will definitely come back for this.

 I had their sirloin steak with potato gratin and salad.
Love this. So good.
Wish the meat portion was bigger though haha.
Thank God the potato gratin kept me full.

 I used to order medium rare steaks but now I cringe at the sight of it.

 We were the last to leave haha. 

 Son and mother.


Hehe happy birthday mommy Camellia :)

 Hehe cutie

 With the Chef!! 
He is such a cutie and check out his blue shoes HAHHA.

 Met up with Jewel and Jiheon for some drinks at Five Viet Bistro Bar.

 He was sick so he didn't drink :(
Army la! Everytime come back sick :(

My shoulder to lean on :)

 Bb bought me my favourite prawn noodles from Ha Ha Big prawn noodles!!!
My fav!! Hehehe.
I fell asleep and I woke up to a wonderful smell.
He is so sweet :)

 Soup version is good too.
He got this cos he was still sick.

 I love the soya milk from Beo Crescent Food Centre.
The prawn noodles is from there too!
I also love their popiah! If you live near Tiong Bahru u should go there!
But most of the food sell out before 2pm!

 Dinner with sick boy at Great World City's food court.

 My fav choco mint from Whyogurt :3

 Hehe I had rashes from some cream and he went to take ice pack to cool down my face :3

We are not always so sweet actually.
I just take pictures to remember good times.
When I check back my archives, these moments will put a smile on my face :3

 Happy Harvester for lunch at work again lol.
This time they added mango and roasted baby potatoes with light sour cream!!

 Max flirting with the camera.
HAHA he was on MC and at my place.
Kept sending me photos of Max and himself while I was at work lol.

 Max thinking about what to eat for dinner.

 Dinner with bb.
His sick food.

 And his sick fruits.

 And me being very insensitive and eating indian food.
I couldn't resist lol..
We were at Great World City's food court again.
The butter chicken and naan is DAMN good.

Fall off the bone chicken.

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