Monday, June 22, 2015

19 & 20 May~ (Chuncheon Dakgalbi Singapore)

 Salad errday for lunch. From Happy Harvester!

 Pantry snacks with little fatty.

 Hehe love it when she comes over to my office.

 Haha she takes good photos mah.

We got groupon deal for this!

Chuncheon Dakgalbi Korean Chicken
132 Telok Ayer Street 
Singapore 068599

We paid $26.20 altogether from the Groupon deal.
It is worth $43.78.
Damn ex la.
I personally wouldn't come here without the groupon deal lol.
Lots of veggies...
Like feeding tortoise.

We ordered a side of kimchi fried rice to be added in.
Every side order is $5.
Quite ex..
I was shocked when they only came with LOTS of cabbage and some marinated chicken and that's it.
I mean... if we were to pay actual price of $43.80 it's not worth it at all... Cos u would order sides as well.
It was delicious tho!

The complimentary side dishes.

Like the crispy rice.

One of the complimentary sides.
Candied sweet potato.
We googled it and learnt it is damn fattening.
Like everything is fried...
Even the sugar.........

Pretty Bell and I :3

Make up and lighting good so I spam HEHE.

My make up and hair was good that day!!
I bought some sample dior compact powder.
Ya read me. Bought a sample.
So anyways, it's quite good.

My sister prepared lunch for me.
Totally vegetarian.
Ok maybe not so since there was an egg......

Bell and I happened to be wearing the same socks HAHA.
Whut. We didn't even buy it together...

So anyway we signed up for some class.
Jona was supposed to join too but her schedule is too busy so she didn't :(

Came back home to spicy buckwheat aglio olio.
My sister is such an amazing cook.
She'd make ur shit taste amazing too.

HEHE. Found her sleeping upside down.
What a silly little baby.

Empty food bowl.
So rare when that happens.
She usually doesn't eat much.
She doesn't like drinking water also.
So naughty...

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