Thursday, June 11, 2015

4th & 5th May (Gramercy New York, Hua Soon Western Food, Happy Harvester, Toss & Turn)

(Description from their site: We displayed apple, fig, orange, four kinds of fruit of cranberry luxuriously. It is taste deep ikodarino tart with jushi)

I love it so much!!!!!!!
Can u see the layer of cranberry sponge in the middle?
Everything about this cake is A+.

Fried fish noodle soup from Beo Crescent Food Centre before gg to the clinic.
Skipped work cos I had weird rashes on my body.

Popiah so good I ordered two.

Merv's wanton noodles.
He was also sick. lol.

Pigeon's lucky day.
Get to eat fresh popiah. 

Lol think this cat is in love with Merv.

It jumped up his lap when he told it to come up.
What a dog.

Cleaning up his room.

Headed down to Holland Village to collect stuff.

From Holland Village Market and Food Centre.

The name of the stall is 
Hua Soon Western food, #01-20.
We usually eat at the western food which sell similar dishes opposite in the food centre but it was closed for the day.

I had their chicken chop and fried rice with egg.
Not bad!

Merv had their fish fillet with fried rice topped with an egg too.

Cos greedy.
I love nuggetsss.

And chicken wings.

Cuties :3

Lunch from Happy Harvester Singapore.
Love the purple sweet potato!!

Little teacup came to visit me at my work place :3

At Toss & Turn (Ion Orchard) for dinner.
This was Cass' plate.

Veron's plate.

And mine! Ordering can be quite confusing and looking at the menu didn't help at all.
The staff seemed to be a little impatient both times I went, but it was alright.
Food was good so I'm not complaining.
Other than the usual greens, I added frittata (SO GOOD pls order when u go there), edamame, corn, linguine aglio olio, roast beef, tofu and a hard boil egg.

Even though the portion is pretty huge, I seemed to be really hungry that day!!!!
I later realized it was because of the medication I was on.

So here's a scoop of dark chocolate Awfully Chocolate ice cream.

We are petite sized.
Cass is the tallest amongst us haha.

Cass sneakily snapped this pic of me while I ate free sample food haha.

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