Thursday, June 11, 2015

May 6 (Eighteen Chefs, Lao Ban Beancurd)

Aunt brought back some traditional snacks from Japan.
So delicious. I usually don't enjoy Jap sweets as they are too sweet for my liking, but these were super good!!!
On the left is a soft wafer sandwich and I think inside was red bean paste and there was a small bite of surprise. Hidden was an orange filling.
I usually detest orange filling wtf, but this was really good.

The one on the right is so precious too!!!
Can't believe it tastes so good.
Outside is like a soft traditional chinese cake.
Sweet and moist.
The filling inside should be mung bean or chestnut? Forgot! :(
It's very velvety and the sweetness is just right.
Must be really expensive.
It's too good.

I don't know the address lol sorry!!!!!
But if any of you do know, pls leave a comment in this post or me so that I can edit it here :3

Dinner with bb at Eighteen Chefs again!! 
Nuggets. Not so nice, but it did tame our hungry stomachs.

Had their Seafood Marinara.
Requested for extra spicy and they really never spare me la!

Anyway, this was pretty good.
Eighteen Chefs never fails and I like their service too :)

Bb's Beef Bolognese lol it looks gross because he flattened the sauce.
This was surprisingly good!!

It would be even better if there were more ingredients to bite.

The ice cream they serve is always good!!!!!
It's like paddle pop, but 3 times better!

There is a gummy bear inside so cute!!

Chocolate milk + soya beancurd from Lao Ban beancurd!
The chocolate was thick and close to dark chocolate than milk chocolate.

And had their beancurd.
It wasn't very yummy that day.

Lol Merv thinks he is funny.

Btw he got to come out from camp so I went over to have dinner with him.
We were at Jcube.
There are so many malls there!!
Never knew. It's like an Orchard Rd.
Sorry, I'm a mountain tortoise.
I don't travel far out much. 
Next I wanna try Miam miam!!

Tired and it was late thus nowhere else to go.
Sat down and watched The Cleveland Show on his phone hehehe. 

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