Wednesday, August 12, 2015

22 - 24 Jun (Siam Square Mookata at Havelock, dinner with Merv)

My Snapchat telling u my story.
SO CUTIE but abit dirty.... so bad.
Please shower your dogs..
Or maybe he was playing in soil before this?
Not sure haha.
Btw his name is Dylan :3

Snapchat: ValentinaChua

Siam Square Mookata
22A Havelock Road #01-14

They have expanded their empire like crazy.
Google them or find them on Facebook to know of their other outlets.

 I like doing this.....
Merv said I'm way too excited over this way of cooking eggs than I should be.
It's yummy but he doesn't appreciate it.

HAHA cutie pie.

My baby Fries..
For those who don't follow me on Instagram,
Fries has recently passed away on 4th Aug..
I miss her everyday.
She was my pride and joy and my precious baby.
I'm still recovering from her death.
It pains me that I can no longer see that inquisitive cheeky face hiding from behind my curtains or her scurrying across the floor with her big butt.
I miss her smell and I miss kissing her all over her face.
It took me awhile to clean up her cage because cleaning it up means I have to give it to my aunt for Prada the hammy.
I kept her little cave and food bowl with me for memory sake.
I miss her so bad..

Arriving work early and being proud of it so we sending it to our bosses hahaha.
That made them happy.

Went to find Merv for dinner at Jurong cos he had nights out.
Forgot which part of Jurong we were at.
He had kway chap from the coffeeshop.

He got it from this stall.

And I had mala.
So expensive..
So little dishes for $16.
I can get much more from Ri Ri hong Mala xiang guo please.

He bought an indian dessert from the indian stall.

At some weird jappo shop.



Spicy nuggets time.
I LOVE That blue fizzy drink..

Merv drew this lol.

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