Wednesday, August 19, 2015

June 25 - 26 ( Ayam Penyet Ria, Siam Square Mookata @ Havelock, Dessert Project)

 Lol from my snapchat: @ValentinaChua

 Reconciled with an old friend.
Good to have you back, CarrotChoo.

 Dinner at Lucky Plaza's Ayam Penyet Ria.
She had ayam bakar.

 And I had Ayam Penyet!!

 The resemblance of a fishball is uncanny.

 Costa Coffee but here I am having tea.

 Durians from my cousin's block.
This uncle recognize me cos he used to own a fruit stall near my block and I would always shout, "UNCLE" when I walk past him lol it's a habit so that day he charged me lesser for durians WOOHOO.
Uncle wan suay~!!~!

 The children being themselves.
They are super strange and hilarious.

 Weirdy pants Jonas.

 Cutie Prada :)

 Lol at her hand.
She's less social than Fries but she's still a cutie.


 My beautiful Yoyo~

 Next day's dinner with family.
Siam Square Mookata at Havelock.

 Walked over to Dessert Project to have desserts.
Wanted my family to try out their ice cream.

White truffle, dark chocolate guanaja, white rabbit flavour.

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