Wednesday, August 19, 2015

27 - 29 June (Meng Kee Char Kway Teow, Yang Zhou Fried Hokkien prawn mee)

 2 piggies out for breakfast.
Char kway teow @ 22 havelock road.

 Wu xiang and bee hoon.

 I love the prawn puff thing! idk what's it called.
Merv said it looks like fried soap foam lol.

 It's from the new stall beside the Meng Kee char kway teow.
The name is Formerly Armenian street?
Can't read the chinese characters..

 Bb made mash potato and sauce from scratch lol.
He was very excited about it.
Plus we nua at home for the entire day.

 Popiah for breakfast the next day.
This is from Beo Crescent food market.

 Chocolate malt drink.

 His fav beo crescent's Yang Zhou Fried Hokkien prawn mee which I don't like..

 And instant noodles for dinner because I want to eat with that thai chilli hehehehee.


 The colour on this kitty is so magnifique.

 My baby Fries..
She got licked by Max that's why she looks so wet.

I miss her..

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