Monday, September 14, 2015

21 - 23 July (Ayam Penyet @ NUH kopitiam, Two Chefs Eating Place)

 Woohoo my eyebrows and eye lash were growing.

Ayam Penyet @NUH Kopitiam Kent Ridge Wing 
cos went to visit my uncle. 

 He fell ill but is better alr.
Love him.
Both him and his wife were like my second parents cos they took care of me since I was a kid.

He was so silly cos he still had anesthesia in his system but he wanted so much to talk to me.
Can u imagine I would listen intently to his stories and at moments he would abruptly doze off HAHA.
I would just chuckle to myself and wait because he would suddenly open his eyes and continue where he left off HAHAHHAHAA.

 My mommy is his younger sister.

 Oh Fries..

 Miss her so bad..

 My little angel.

 Body massage with Jew :3

 Then we went to meet Pat and Roula for dinner.
The chicken is from another kopitiam which Roula loved.
She's very greedy anyway hahah so she bought this.

Two Chefs Eating Place
116 Commonwealth Crescent #01-129
Singapore 140116

 Woohoo butter pork ribs.

 Drunken cockles
Must order pls.

 Salted egg yolk fried calamari

 Three egg spinach

 Hot plate tofu.

Next day's lunch.
Gotta be healthy!!

 Charles and Ashley.
Gonna miss these two idiots when I leave.

 Dinner with Bell after pole class :3
This was from Tanjong Pagar's Mrt train station.

 Next day's cravings.
We had curly fries in the office :3

 Visiting Nono :3

 My beautiful cousin, Yoyo :3

My crazy aunt lol.
Seriously how many huge ass clips does she need just to pin up her fringe lol.

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