Tuesday, September 15, 2015

24th & 25th July (Jpot @ Vivo City)

From Eli because she is such a caring and giving person.
She remembers what I like :3

 Keke. kiaped my hair during work.
Snapchat: @Valentinachua

Free shampoo and conditioner because Adeline left without clearing her stuff hehehhe.
From Watsons.
There is one more but forgot to take picture.

 Went back to Black Hair Salon to touch my hair.
Deniece was there too!

 Jpot at Vivo with Jew!
Loveeee Jpot~~

 MUST order their Jpot Superior broth.

 Fried beancurd skin.
This is also a must order.

Pork belly

Handmade jumbo pork ball and mushroom~

Fried Yammmmmm.
Wah love it.

Lame ass cocktail sausages LOL.
Cos the sausages at Hai Di Lao is nice!!
But pls la this one u just sneak one can of cocktail sausage will do ok.

Hand-made Prawn balls if i'm not wrong.

Jewel helping the hongkong tourists sitting beside our table make reservation for Jumbo seafood.
Haha cos they didn't have phones.

Beer at Timbre.

Hehe thanks for hanging out with me and also sending me home :3

Macs for dinner the next day because craving for curly fries.

Wooohoo and nuggets :3

Rose Hoegaarden.

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