Monday, September 14, 2015

July 17th (Pho Hoa, The Daily Scoop @ Chip Bee Gardens and random korean noodles)

 Woohoo breakfast~
Spicy ass korean chicken noodles, otah, salted egg yolk buns, kaya and pandan rolls, avocado and instant pho.

 Yummm haven't had this in a long while.

 This is really good too!
It was from a NTUC around Jurong.
Not everywhere have this :(

 The liu sha bao is quite shiok!

It's this brand. 
You can get it from NTUC!

 Getting ready to head out~

 Hehe chubs Tina.

 At Pho Hoa for dinner.

Pho Hoa
18 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village
Singapre 277678

Lemon grass chicken.
I liked this!

 My spring roll with grilled chicken dry noodles.

 Daily Scoop at Chip Bee Gardens.

This was really spicy too.

 And chap chae.
Wah love it.

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