Saturday, September 12, 2015

July 16 (Black Hair Salon, SuperStar K)

 Went to Black Hair Salon the other day wanting a different sort of colour play and treatment for my hair because I didn't want to bleach my roots anymore.
Wanted to just make do with the remaining bleached hair.

So my trusty hair stylist, Raymond decided, 
"I want to do purple for you."
Lol so he mixed his own purple for me.
Thank you. I was really really glad with the result.
If you want this colour too pls look for Raymond!

 Thanks Raymond and Frankie :3
If you want to get a 10% off to save some money, pls either quote my name or the other @blackhairsalon ambassadors.

Black Hair Salon
The Bencoolen, 
190 Bencoolen st, #01-28
Singapore 189646

Call for appointment: 68359976 / 62423945
Whatsapp: 9272 3236

 Hehe sleeping beauty Wen Hui.

 The beauty has awaken.
Her smile is so beautiful.
I always envy people who can smile with their teeth!
I can't.. Not that I have ugly teeth.
Just that I look really strange.

 Thank you Karen and Raymond :)

Raymond did not lock the colour in cos he wanted it to fade into a cotton pastel colour.

 ENOUGH hor selfie slave.

 Cat and Frankie :)

 Hehe "Cute but Psycho."

My second time having Super Star K.
Loving it.

Super Star K Korean BBQ Restaurant
75 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088496

 Acting cute la

But I forgot which part of the beef was this.
Neck collar perhaps? We only go that and pork belly I think?

 Pork bellyyyy

 Spicy chicken.
It's really super spicy.


 I love korean potato salad :3

 Steamed eggg!!!!

 Beef soup.

 Yum. Love it that the staff does the cooking for us.

 Snapchat: @ValentinaChua

Goodnighty :3

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