Saturday, September 12, 2015

July 14th ( Itacho Sushi, Teck Hin Beef Hor Fun)

  Team lunch at Plaza Singapura's Itacho Sushi.
I had some pork salad and really liked it!

 Ooooooo salmon~~

 I had this really tiny sushi rice bowl..........


 Kenneth, Angie and Bridget~

 The porkchop boys BAHAHHAA.
Senget, Mark and Kenneth.
Idk why there were no pictures of Eli :(
I'm gg to miss them so much.
I hope I don't cry on my last day.
I'm really really bad with goodbyes.

 Bridget and Xante :)

 Stupid Hazel (my lil cousin) sent me a picture of her doing yoga poses.....

 With my fingers.
Look same same.

 Happy birthday Mark.
Hope you become somebody one day.
I have a feeling you will!!

 At my uncle's place to visit the kids.
Haha the min Hazel reached, she started doing abs exercise.
Siao one.

 My uncle bought us Teck Hin beef horfun.
There's enough wok hei in this. Honestly I have never eaten a better beef horfun in my life.
My uncle said be prepared to queue tho.

Teck Hin Hor fun
Ghim Moh Food Centre Blk 20 Ghim Moh Road

#01-44 Singapore 270020

 Hehe cutie Tyler... :3

 LOL stupid Hazel..
"Now adays I see the hipsters take photos..
Got a lot of props."

*Sees pacifier and places it beside the starbucks cake*

HAHAHAHHA she damn cheechee.

 Some Yuzu cake.
It was yummy :3

 I'm a terror when it comes to kids..

 She's really good with them!!

 Hehe visiting cutie Pepper at DogTor Lim!

 She's adorable :3

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