Tuesday, September 08, 2015

July 3-10 (Dominos Pizza, Toss & Turn Saladbar, Old Town White Coffee, Outback Steakhouse)

 Dominos Pizza.
So-so only..

 Chicken bites.

 CASH!!!! super cutie and obedient :3

Look at how he stares at his owner in awe lol.

 Uh oh forgot the name of this coffee shop.
They sell really good fried rice and cereal chicken.
It's at Havelock road. 
At the coffeeshop right opposite Lim Joo Hin Eating house Teochew porridge.
They only have one tze char stall there.

 Sambal kang kong.

 Super shiok cereal chicken!!

 Hot plate tofu.

 Date night with Mel at Ion's Toss and Turn!
I was very hungry that night so I got their beef soup too.



 My cutie Fries..
Missing her like crazy.. :'(

He took my whole pillow.........

 Lunch with my sister at Costa Coffee :)

 Next day's lunch with Kenneth, Senget..

 And monkey Eli at Cine Leisure's Old Town White Coffee.
Ashley and gang were sitting behind us.
We were there for the SG50 deal lol.

 50cents coffee woots.

 My assam laksa.
Something was definitely missing...

 The guys' instant noodles..

 At Imperial Treasure bakery.
She got me to try their cream cheese donuts.

 And their luncheon with omelette bread is super yummy too!
The omelette is always slightly runny so it's damn shiok.

 Another day's lunch at Orchard Gateway's Outback Steakhouse.
The soup is really good.
Didn't taste like instant kind.
I think it was potato leek soup?

This was only in the menu for a period of time :(
Pulled pork fries with bbq sauce and cheese.
Really good. They should bring it back!

 Steak bites.
The fries had me filled up to the brim..
Could hardly finish this.

 Mashed potato

 Chicken and ribs.

Baked potato.

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