Saturday, October 03, 2015

Aug 22 & 23 (Kko Kko Nara, Ice Cold Beer, Cedele)

 Selfie because I hiao.

 Baby Tylerrrrr :3

 Was at my uncle's place for 7th Month baibai.
He has every reason to throw parties anyway.
I'm christian by the way.
I just really like gg over for gatherings to feast and catch up with my cousins!

 Mee soto.
Home made by their maid.
She is an excellent cook!

 Her chicken wings are the bomb...
SOO good.

 Hahaha from Langston.
He came back from Europe!

 We were at Kho kho nara!
68 Tanjong Pagar Road

 Hahahha his eyes.

  I didn't eat any that day cos I was stuffed from the food at my uncle's.
Odeng! They ordered so much for the two of them... (-_-)

 Army stew!

 HAHA he say the chicken spicy.

 Cutie Pat~

 They ordered spicy chicken also.
Crazy eat so much.

 Ice Cold Beer for some drinks~
9 Emerald Hill Road

 Roula and Pattie!



Breakfast the next day before church with sis.
Some mash potato bacon cheese bread which was damn good.
It's from iBake @ Star Vista!

Accompanied sis for lunch~

 Her bread face...

 Ice Mocha~

 Her pita..Ok only.

 Went to aunt's to visit the kids and Nono :3
He loves meeee.

 HEHEHHE he was acting cute.
I think he knows that I like it when he does that!!!!

 Him and my phatty thighs.

My cutie pie :3

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