Monday, September 28, 2015

Aug 16 - 21 (Queenz Patisserie & The Queen and Mangosteen)

 Char Siew rice from Telok Blangah drive food centre.
Wah damn good.

And the soup is herbal soup. (*^*)

 Not nice ban mian.

 At Telok Blangah Mall,
near Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre
Queenz Patisserie.
Owned by an old couple.
Hehe so cute.


 Bought an apple pie cheese cake from Queens patisserie.
So yummy.

 And the apple slices :3

Snapchat: ValentinaChua

 Bumped into Cass at church lol.
Braces girllll.

 Seb brought Fatty Kaedo :3

 BHAHAH his face......

 He fell asleep... -___-

 Cutieeee :3

KaedoFatty has recently passed away just a few days ago..
Even though I briefly only met him once, I have already fallen for him.
He's barely 3 years old.. 
He was diagnosed with an unknown pug disease and left his family the next day..
So deeply saddened by it..
Can't even imagine how his family are gg through right now.
He was so precious.. :'(
You'll live in our hearts forever, Kaedo.

Sleepy hammy. So cute~

 Sucky waffle..

 Attended Townhall and Denise Kellar gave a short talk.
Wah she damn pretty.

 Impromptu meet up with Jew~

 Shitttt i forgot where this bak chor mee came from.
But i finished everything Lel

 Dinner and beer with my sister at Vivo City's The Queen and Mangosteen~


My sister's grilled steak with yorkshire pudding and thick cut fries  :3