Thursday, September 24, 2015

Aug 7-15 (Wah Chee, Pomelo Fashion, Mrs Pho)

Havelock Rd for dinner.

Cassy. Buying stuff for her puppy, Skippy.
I got her a food bowl!
Cos i'm her baby's Godmama hehe.

Long time no see, Shan.

Oyster Meesua from Shih Lin

Next day's lunch. Meesoto.
Not nice...
Or they diluted the soup abit..

Oh kitty.
That day marked the day that I passed my BTT.

SweetCheeks :3

Butter Chicken from Wah Chee @ Dover.

Seaweed soup

Saw this cutie with no collar and I was super worried!!
I was trying to take a picture of him to post on SOSD or sth in case someone lost their dog.
He kept moving actually and I couldn't take a proper shot.

This shot is of him shitting.

Then I realized er.. the owner was sitting at the bench behind me..
Watching me squatting down taking a picture of her dog shitting.
HAHA omg I had to explain to her that I'm not a pervert.

One more pangsai shot.

Pomelo top, skorts, bag.
I can't fit in the skorts anymore......

And card from
I love their prints. This is their Abbey print card!

Lemons phone casing :3

Mrs Pho for dinner.
My fav place for vietnam food.
I never liked pho.. Tried Nam Nam Noodle bar and it wasn't nice..
But I love everything that I've ever ordered there!

This time I tried their organic coffee.
I ordered another to take away but it was too sweet lol....

Chicken pho and beefballsssss.
I know it looks like nothing much but it feels so warmy and so yummyyyy.

Hanoi meatballs. LOVE IT.

And their chicken wings in fish sauce!!!
Ordered two servings. :3

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