Monday, December 07, 2015

17 Sept (Boomarang Boat Quay)

 I smell teAm spirit whenever there is alcohol.
So that would be the day.
Sorry that my posts are super back dated.

 Omg Kenneth..... (-_-)

 Haha The bear is staring. Please be afraid.

 With Eliiiiii :3

 I didn't eat much that night so don't ask me if the food's good there but I can definitely tell u about the beer.
Cos I was only there for the beer.
I was obsessed with getting high at one point of time.

 3 tables full hehe.

 Fried seafood with chips.

 Senget and his pizza face on.

 Evelyn, you ok what? You ok mah? lol.

 HAHAH Angie was so annoying!!
She kept going backwards cos she didn't want to look fat in pics hahaha.


This looks better.

 Ashley and Gabby, my drinking buddeh.

 Cutie Chingles. :3

 Angie and I are the manliest females in the team lel.

 HAHAH she only had a bit if lychee martini and she was quite up there already HAHAHA.
She doesn't drink at all and doesn't enjoy it so we kind of forced it hahahhaha.

 LOL she's adorable.

 We too cool to socialize.

 Mah bruhhhhhh.


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