Monday, December 07, 2015

September 18 (Happy 24th, Eli pie & Club Sherbet 2 @ Oriental Plaza with Strangers Crew)

 Last day for Xante, my first boss at Dash and Dzu, my marketing lead (T_T)

 Thanks for the sweets :)

 Happy birthday dearest :3

Her birthday card we chose.

Toilet selfie keke.

 Sherbet 2 with Strangers' Reunion crew.
I miss them in this space.
Miss them miss them but things are different already~

 Haha Ru Ai cutie.

 My love my love my love Xue Yao. :3

 Ru, Ven, Fahm.


 Innocent one on the left and douche on the right hahahha.

 HAHAHHA I have a habit of checking on my nostrils.
It's like DA HORROR if I look at the mirror and realize there was a pisai in my nose the entire time?!
That would mean many has seen it and no one dares to tell me!?
So I would always ask my friends to check if my nostrils are clean.

 Fahmi cutie~

 Becs and Brandon. They damn long already i waiting for wedding invites.

 She is the coolest cutie pie in Strangers :3

 Keke. :3

 Jk and Luke.

 Mei mei Ven :3


 Wynna was sick she still come.
She really damn bro.

 Haha feng shao this one.

Btw some stupid chao ah beng bo dai ji come and want to fight with our boys.
Wtf I was quite high already and damn angry so I shouted at him,

Apparently I also shouted "Mother fucker!!" And "I AM VERY ANGRY YOU KNOW!!"
Hahahha I was high already so very feisty and obvs cannot rmb.
I so angry srsly he wanna fight with our boys who are much younger than him.
Still come at us 3 times and at the last time take out shirt. 
Pls also not model so chui.

But very thankful that the staff and bouncers were on our side.
Even his friends were on our side wtf.

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