Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sep 26 - 28 (Zouk)

 On my way to help out at work's event on a weekend (T_T) 

 Singtel's bento food really sucks.
This was on a rare occasion that it actually tastes decent lol. 
They should try their own food.
The other time they had some yellow rice AND IT TASTED LIKE CHLORINE wtf.
You can already smell it when you open the lid.

 After the event, 
went to find Cass and Skippy.
Poor Skippy was sick at that time.

 Hehe so cutie~

Called Pat to join us but she was there to kill us.
Blue Spin at Winebar.
If you wanna die early you can try this hahaha.
It's worse than Graveyard.

 I had 1 and a half cup and I died lol.
UPloaded the video on my Instagram.
Cass sent it to me I didn't even rmb angst shouting hahahha.

HAHA this snap is from Langston.
you can follow him at @langsty on snapchat!

Hello drunkard.
The subsequent times we went clubbing,
she didn't dare to drink anymore hahahah.
Except for in Korea.

 LOL. Veron got drunk by her friends.
We only went inside Zouk for awhile cos Cass was dead drunk.

I don't like mcbreakfast btw..

 HAHA sent by her friend.
When she is drunk she likes to repeat her qn like 10 times at one go wtf hahahahha.

Work on Monday.
Chasing blues with magnum.
Haha i had espresso magnum (It's damn good!)
My fav flavour would be mint but they only have it in the mini version and you have to buy the whole box of 6... inside only got 2 mint flavoured mags (T_T)

 Ashley bought boxes of magnum and gave it out.
He's the best.
Lol ok anyone who gives food is the best.

Throw back to when my legs were less stubs.
I miss it...
But now got muscles cos I WERK OWT~

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