Saturday, January 02, 2016

October 2 (Udders, Omakase Burger, E Bar, Club Asian Boutique)

Have to put this pic as the first so that FB can capture it haha.

Lol this was for zombie run.

The guy in white very aggro lol i was abit scared.
He was too into the role already lol.

Look whoooo. LEONA.
My sister's bestfriend's sister LOL.
So anyways Leona's damn cool. 
She represented Singapore in SEA games for women boxing!

Lol side track abit.
My cousin Hazel sent me a pic of her doing yoga and I was like....

Had team bonding and the location was at Udders lol.
This little girl is too adorable!
She was so tiny like me and hosting us.
She did a really good job!

LOL gab kena bullied.



My partner infront haha.
We were doing chocolate flavour.

WHEEEEEE. Interesting.

And then we had free flow of ice cream~

Forgot where we were.
These are my drinking buds.
They are always thirsty at 4pm......

With my sweet little Chingles :3
Pitu the shit out of it hehe.

First time having omakase burger~
So ex.... but not bad la.
Shared it with Cass.

With Pris' mommy!

My gurlssss. :3

Pris went to bring us to find her cousin, Aaron.

At E Bar~

The best friends :3

Shadi and long time no see Aaron~

HAHAHHA i screen shot Shadi's snapchat HAHAHAH.
He is damn funny.
There are more which I screened with Pris in it.
Will be posting them soon too lollll.


Supper before our next destination :3

Chiobu :3


With Justin and Gabriel.

Ooo our favourite singer, Jeffrey.

I look like a gremlin here lol.

Cass mei mei :3

I forgot who took this liao.

This pic looks so wrong LOLOL.
Look like Shadi holding me right?! LUCKILY PRIS WEAR NAIL POLISH wtf.

The one in blue is Aaron's friend, Gabriel who was working at the bar we went to.


Love uuuu :3

Keke :3

Hui Wen and Alex~

ahhaha not picking things up from the floor.
They were doing the chicken dance created by Pris LOL.
You put one shoulder to the front and shake it then you shake it backwards x repeat.

LOL the lift your leg up and hold your ear dance.
She crazy.


Getting hui wen to drink.
Her fake birthday lol.

HAHAH Idk what's with Aaron's face ahhahaha.

I think it was their real birthday hahaha.

Home sweet home :3

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