Sunday, January 03, 2016

Oct 3 (Singapore Art Museum, Zouk)

At Singapore Art Museum to support Pris cos she works for W Hotel and they had an event there.

Slim Shadi and PrisBrown.

 WOOHOOO. The angmoh music I don't understand LOL.

 In the toilet.

 LOL i still rmb.. that guy saw me when I came outta the toilet and was like,

Dood: What are you? Are you a superhero?!

Me: Yes!!

Dood: So what powers do you have?

Me: Hmm.....I can see the future.

Dood: Oh your ring! it's so big.

Me: Yup it's my super power ring.

LOL I can't really hold conversations somemore he got angmoh slang so Pris did the talking.
They talk damn long!!!
I remember a real angmoh walked past and touched my hair. 
He was like,

"Your hair like, BAM!"

Lol then he disappeared.

 Zouk after~

 Killa blue spin.
Have it if you want to die.
I died that night.
I told everyone what happened.

Naked on bed and screaming,
Then WHAM. I fell asleep lol.

 Matches my hair.. hehe.
The only thing that was not matching were my stupid eyebrows lol.
I used the wrong tint AGAIN.

 Fahmi :3 My little cutie.

 Cuties :3


 HAHAHHA asking if my nose was clean.


 Lol Cass didn't dare to get drunk cos she was so dead the last time round.

 LOL Charis and Langston don't know each other but they remember each other from my blog/instagram so when they saw each other they shouted each other's names HAHAHAHA.
I was in the toilet so when I came out I was like "HUH?"
Actually I didn't even rmb not introducing them before because I was too high at that time and they seem like long lost friends cos they were equally high HAHAHAHHA.

 Charis Choo :3

 Lol they bumped into each other that night and was like..
"Are we kindergarten friends?"
Or sth like that lol.

 Can I be part of your crew? LEL.
Stupid Zadon was so drunk he told Tosh to bring us up and we were like NO IT'S OKAY.
But thankewwww.

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