Saturday, January 30, 2016

October 7 (Cupcakes with love, Yue Yi Tai Shan Popiah)

Met Cass at Clementi to change money for our Korea trip and then stayed over at her place hehehe.

Bought one for her and one for meee.

Then she brought me to have Yue Yi Tai Shan popiah.
Think we queued for like 40 min...
Only because it was good and the couple managing the stall were old.
Cannot exert too much energy.
Really legendary popiah... Especially if u love spicy.


Aunty Mandy made bahkuteh.

Hhaha the way Skippy looked at Cass.

This was after Cass went up to bathe lol.
Needy child.

LOL she lent me her nightgown.

Thanks for having me over, mah love :3
I will miss this hehe.

Oh cutie~

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