Sunday, February 28, 2016

10 Oct (Cards against Humanity)

 Over at Cass' t play with Skippy before heading to Shadi's place to play Cards Against Humanity.

 HEHE CUTIE. I miss her (T_T)

HEHHE so cutieeeeee.

 Lollll Cass.....

 Over at SlimShadi's.

 Joy brought this over.
I didn't really like it though but Langston did.
Thanks for sharing it Joy!

 Cards against Humanity.
I'm a very boring person.
I do not like playing games / gambling.
Only recently I've been playing End Gods and that's all.
But this was fun anyway!!!

 Justin + Gab


 Cutie pieeee :3

 I forgot what was the joke about..

 WOOHOOO. Prataaaaa.

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