Tuesday, March 22, 2016

October 19-20 (Togi Korean Restaurant + Ah Chiang's Porridge)

 Come back Singapore miss korean food already.
Was at Triple One Somerset's Togi for Angie's farewell!
Complimentary Korean Porridge.

 Army stew hehe.

 Bbq pork.

 Jja jang myun.

 Spicy rice cakes.

 Spicy chicken stew.


 LMAO Chingles and I followed Senget to get sth for our Dinner and Dance that was gonna happen the next day.


 At Tiongbahru for Ah Chiang's pork porridge.
My sister had her crave.
I only had their cold beancurd.

 Hehe this is how my sister looks like if she peeped through an asshole.

 Ohhh this is good.


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