Sunday, March 20, 2016

17 Oct (Korea Trip Day #6 LAST DAY)

 Weird. I thought we went to korea for 7 days...
So anyway, brunch~

 Back t the pork cutlet kimbap place hehe.

 Oh man I love korean dumplings so much.
It's soooo good.

We were at this greentea shop called Osulloc.

My domestic helper very good.

So chio.

The drinks not nice.

Can't taste the green tea....

But everything was very photogenic lor.
I think this was ok but nothing to rave about.

OH YEAHHHH mochaaaa.

BadgirlTiTi lol.
Tina la.

LOL Cass is a jerk.

But so funny lolllll.
The kid wrapped himself in the blanket and never move.

She so cutie i like her so muchoooo.

Dinnerrrr. Sweet and sour chicken I think?
Sigh everytime eat in the plane my stomach will kena indigestion (T___T)

My next inspiration for hair colour ok.

Oh yeahhh supper.

Thanks to mah mama for picking me up from the airport.
Hehe look who came to greet me.

Hehe love u.

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