Friday, April 01, 2016

Oct 25-28 (Black Hair Salon, Porterhouse @ Killiney)

Getting it pink.
Thank you Raymond and the rest of the crew who helped with the process :)

Went to dapao vegetarian laksa LOL I walked in without knowing it was a vegetarian stall and was looking at the menu like why does everything look strange?!
But this was pretty good :3

Get it pink like my socks pls.

Raymond was experimenting dyeing with his spray.

Giving me purple highlights so that it would look blended in :3

Sho niceee :3

LOL Posing plus look at the halloween decor behind.
Jimmy did the job if I'm not wrong.
And hahaha the pictures are so outdated.
I need to diligently upload my pictures arghhh.

Always thankful for these people :3


Lol I think Senget took this.
I went back to the office to clear some work and was seated on the floor because I needed white background with better lighting.

Veron met me and brought me to meet Constanceeee :3

Oh u little Teacup :3

Beers with Constance's friends at Cable Car.

Lol she was using the portable fan.

I think this was curry flavoured popcorn?

This went on the whole night.

Walking Max.
I don't know why he suddenly popped inbetween my feet LOL.

Period gains.


To ALL of you who works at Orchard, please go to this cutie man if you need to get your shoes repaired!
His little stall is situated outside 313 Somerset's Forever21.
Just beside the traffic light.
Mon-Fri, 11am-5pm!

Beers at Killiney Rd's Porterhouse~

Mark and Senget!

Kenneth bruhhhhh!

Bridget, Kenneth and the deranged Eli.

I woke up to him facing his butt at me.
He does this often when he wants breakfast.
Sometimes he isn't this kind.

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