Friday, April 15, 2016

October 31 (Crystal Jade, Cable Car 1890's Saloon, Karaoke, Club Asian Boutique)

LMAO I purposely post this as the first pic because if I put the link up on Facebook, the first picture would be the display pic HAHA.
See whether got more opening clicks LOL.
Sorry Allie, I make use of your neh neh pok. (*^*)

 Went to have facial at Vivien's.
This is her husband's old man. He lived way past his age.
I forgot his name (T_T)
Already blind and deaf if i'm not wrong.
The thing with animals is that even tho they old af, they still so adorable. :3

 Due to being blind/deaf, he bites cos he has to defend himself so I had to be reaaaaally gentle.

 Soup spoon for lunch.
I love Simon and Garfunkel soup :3

 With my bulgogi wrap.
I don't enjoy their wraps and sandwiches but I really like their caesar salad.
It's good!

 Crystal Jade for dinner.
Alex had duck and roasted pork noodles..

 Veron had her lame wanton soup hahaha.

 Langston and I had their duck noodles.
So gooood.

 Who took this. (-____-)

 Their chilli was so good.
I was perspiring buckets though.

 At Cuppage's Cable Car 1890's Saloon.
We were so bored...

 Almost forgot you once had decent hair.
Please don't ever shave ur head again.
You looked like a delinquent....

 WOOHOO Karaoke because we didn't know what else to do.
We were so bored....

 He fell asleep btw..
Then he woke up and started shouting to the song that was playing...



 I left halfway and went to find Allie hehehehe.
That's Joshua, her boyfriend on the right and Jeff my fav singer at Boutique on the left.

 Hehe thanks for calling me out :3

 The one on the right NEVER EVER smiles.
He is like Kanye West....
But he Kanye EAST cos he asiannnn. LOLOLOL

 Hehehhhe :3

 LOL Kenneth (my colleague) was there too cos his friend's birthday.

 The taiwanese performer in the middle loooks like one of the snapchat filters hahahahaha.

U ok or not lol.

 So good to be back home hehe.

My little cutie.

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