Wednesday, June 08, 2016

27 & 28 Nov

Lunch with Chingles and boss at Thai Express before we head down to Dash event at Expo~

My boss took this when I fell asleep in the cab lol.

HEHE Gabriel and I ran away to have beer halfway cos we were so bored..
I miss those days when my colleagues and I would text each other and make sneaky eye contact to get out of office and meet downstairs for beer lol.

Those were the days when I was still in Singtel.
I miss mah friendssss.

Mommy's chicken porge hehe.

I told Langston that Ben's cookies were pretty good until I left it in my bag and ate it an hour later...
Totally sucked.
Have to eat it while it's hot I guess.

Keke so vain.

Dinner with Langston at Thai Tantric after movie.
I can't rmb what movie we watched.
I had free movie tickets because Eli gave 'em to us hehe.
She's always so generous hehehe.

This was their yam woon seng.

Garlic and pepper chicken or was it pork on the left.


Basil chicken.

Miss you my dearest Langsty~~

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