Thursday, June 16, 2016

4 & 5 Dec 2015 (Ayam Penyet Ria, Watanabe Coffee)

One of my bosses, Jack when I was working at Zha Huo Dian/The corner shop for a short period of time.
He now has another store at Orchard Gateway,  
White Rose Parlour 白玫瑰理发庁 

Deciding if I should buy them shoes but nahhhh.

Casssssss :3

Birthday dinner for our little Veron~

Togi Korean Restaurant at Triple One Somerset~

Spicy rice cakes and fishcakes.


Kimchi pancakeeee.

Dua neh bu and Langston.
She looks underaged but she is fully developed LOL.

Happy 24th, kiddo.
(in this case, very belated lol)

Kinda miss my short hair...
But I think i've just decided to grow out my hair for now.

Lol my aunt texted me and sent me this photo of Nono telling me he is crying and wants me to take him home with me.
We live 5 min walk away.
She was in malaysia and no one else was home so I ran over to save him.

At first I was not too sure because I didn't want to be full of myself. I mean seriously why would anyone stalk me la wahlao. I look like a prawn... So anyway, I stopped walking and the guy STOPPED AS WELL.
He just lurked around and i glared at him until he started to walk.

I walked another way and then ran.
Thank God Cass called so I had someone to talk to until I reached home.

But just when I reached home, my aunt texted me so I had to get out of my comfort zone LOL.

But put Max and Nono together and you get a nightmare....

He is so adorable but he's really bonkers..
As in, one minute he's really needy and the next minute he wants to bite your head off LOL.

Mommy cooked minced pork udon+meesua for lunch LOL.
But it was good.

I wore this out then it started to pour like mad so I ran back home and changed into something more comfortable (-___-)

Bringing Nono home before meeting Langston and Veron~

Far East Plaza had some SPCA event~

They never shower the dog.....
So poor thing so smelly (T___T)

They were selling this at the event and IT WAS SO GOOD.
Need to google if they have a shop.

Oh yeahhh.

Ayam penyet with Langston~

I bought these 2 shorts AND CAN'T FIT INTO THEM NOW.
Need to lose weight soon..............

I'm so sad.

We saw this place and wanted to check it out.

Why you look so tired.

Everything we ordered was below average..
And presentation of this was very bad lolll.

Is the water talking to you?


Brought him home again because my aunt texted me that he was whining again lol...

Aiyo so cutie your face :3

He was not very pleased LOL.

Look at Max's little tongue HEHE.

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