Friday, June 17, 2016

6 - 7 Dec 2015 (Som Tam, Hvala Waffle bar, Mrs Pho)

Lunch with Pat at Orchard Central's Som Tam~~

The dessert came first LOL.....
It was not bad but the lava chocolate cake didn't flow out.
Told the staff but the lady boss said it's suppose to be like this :/
It tasted great anyway~
With thai milk tea ice cream :3

Yum woon sen (Seafood Glass noodle)

Tom yum soup

Mah new white kicks from Nike. (*^*)
I always clean it and put it back into the box after I wear them lol. She take until my legs look so long lol.

I swear I never edit my legs hor.

YAY Dessert time~
Hvala waffle bar!

At 313 Somerset's basement.

Beginning to love my embroidered brows hehe.

Snacks before i met up with an old friend for dinner.

Mrs Pho~
Beef ball soup.

Meat balls.

I love their coffee.

My fav vietnamese food.

Best fish sauce chicken wings EVERRRR.

Mommy made bread~~

Mommy made udon~~ :3

Why u sleep on my dress....

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