Saturday, June 18, 2016

8 December 2015 (DOG PARTEHHHH)

LOL. Ok I shall just copy what I wrote on my instagram:

OMG this boy over here.. We had a dog party and he just had to give people the best first impression of himself hahaha. Got stuck in-between the grills of the gate because silly him saw Dino the chihuahua and Skippy the malti-poo and just went Craycray LOLOL. U could tell how worried I was cos his fat bones and tummy didn't seem to be able to go through! Then @prisch carried Dino into the house and he easily slipped out of the grills backwards. Srsly, Max...

They came over to mah place for dinner. Mommy made bak kut teh and steamed egg.
I bought the rest lol.

Cass are u hiding someting in your hair.
Why behind pop up one LOL.


Cutie Skippyyyyy :3

From left to right (Human): Cass, me, Shadi, Pris, Joy, Veron

From left to right (Doggies): Skippy, Max, Dino, Oreo!!!

She likes to sleep on the sofa head rest LOL.

Joy, i'm waiting for u to own a dog.
Lol she loves doggies but can't own one yet.

HAHAHHAHA. I think I took this from Joy's snapchat (HelloJoyTan)


I think I took this from Joy as well.

Cutie Oreo.
I love herrr.
I love dogs that are clingy hehe.

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