Monday, January 13, 2014

Mervyn Leow Ding Dong

So bad..
While I was cooking for Merv, he kept making me smell his breath and it made me arch my back backwards. 
And just when I thought he would pull me back up, he let go of my hands!!!!!

I was fast enough to sturdy myself.
Stupid boy. He could still smile at me!!
Angry right! 

Then petty me stomped out of the kitchen thinking he would run after me to apologize cos I heard his footsteps.

So I got out of the kitchen and pounced on the sofa at the living room, all while sulking, frowning and with my arms crossed.

1 sec later he came over OMG I THOUGHT HE WAS GG TO HUG ME..
FML so heavy hahaha I couldn't help but to burst out laughing.
Idiot. He was supposed to be apologizing and comforting me.

He always does things at inappropriate time!
How not to love him though?? :3

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