Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Feb 24th, 25th, 26th, 28th.

24th Feb

Haha Max waiting for Fries to wake up.

 My sister and Rebecca having a flea at Scape!
Follow them on instagram
and check out their webstore at,

 Rebecca's friend's sister, Jojo.
She is sucha cutie.
First thing she did when we introduced each other was to let me play with her new toy.

 Irodori jappo buffet for my birthday dinner with familyyy.
Tbh I won't come back here again.

 The only dish I likeee.
Mentaiko prawns.

 Brandon and babyyyyy.

hehe :3

BAHAHHA Fries is such a cutieee.

Her fav thing to do when she's not being all hyper active, is to stone for a really long time hahaha.

HAHA tried to put Truffle into Fries' running ball..
Can't.. she is too big. 
Had to quickly take her out.

Stoning again.

My sis surprised me with a choco cake from Rive Gauche Patisserie.
Soooo goood.
Thank u for always being the best :3...And being a good sport in posing with ur towel turban after showering hahahhaa.

She's one of the few who looks super good with or without make up.
Unlike me, she's a natural~

I never liked cutting cake.....
my sister always always does the job.
I think she pampers me way too much.

Act only hahahaha.

Have u ever seen a handsome cake.
This is one.

A shot of Fries from Veronica. :D

25th Feb

Mala noodley from Tiongbahru because Alissa kept raving about it!!
It was good because I love spicy, but a pity the noodles were already soggy because I had it taken away.

Our daughter so cuteeee.


Look at her fatty belly.

Truffle hiding.
She has been soooo grumpy.

26th Feb

I know u like to wear hairband, Max.

Lunch with my aunt Tazneen and uncle Irwan at Keppel Bay's Prive.
Chocolate cake so gooood.

I had their salmon with capers salad.
I should have ordered sth else tho :(

My uncle's duck salad.

My aunt's mushroom soup.

Don't forget about hairband boy.

Baked hershey's cookies and cream with banana nut crunch chewy cookies and extra choco chip chewy cookies hehe.

Another yummy looking victim.


Shoo cuteee. she has grown a fair bit.
Mother Chua is feeling it already.
My child is growing way too fast.
Kindergarten to primary school.

Wah now big alr can protect me is it? 

Fatty sleeping.
Oh no got eye shit.

#throwback. Look at those fingers hahahahahaha.

Still showing me your fingers????

28th Feb

That day, Alvin came to work with this cutie top lol.

And hello cutie dog.

Dogs can also be dreamers.

I'm sorry to tell u that the companion u tell secrets to is not alive.
Love, Mommy.

"What, Really?"

haha. The end.

"Wake up mei mei. Wake up and play with me."


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